Tuesday, 15 September 2015

What have we done????

I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat asking myself this exact question!

In 2012 we built the Randwick with Porter Davis in Point Cook, fast forward a short 2.5 years, with an extra baby and school zoning issues, we needed to move so here we are, going through the fun, stressful, exciting times that building a home can bring.

We decided pretty early on that we would build the Waldorf as we didn't want to feel as though we'd outgrown our house, with an expanding family but limited land width our only Waldorf option was the 43sq - which we are extremely happy with.

We recently sold our first home and applied for the finance for the land and construction together rather than settling on the land and worrying about the build later. Doing it this way certainly saved us a lot of the stress we found ourselves in with valuation issues the first time around and I would definately recommend to anyone building to apply this way. First lesson learnt!

We have settlement on the land scheduled for Sept 28th, 2015 with site start booked in for December, 2015.

Last week we completed our World of Style appointments and after falling in love with the Waldorf Grange out at Greenvale, we have decided to follow along with the same colour scheme. I will post our colour selections and prices for anyone that may be interested in a separate post.

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