Friday, 18 September 2015

External Selections

To me, Lisa, I find it one of the more exciting times of the build - to do your Colour Selections. It can also be tricky working out what upgrades you want to make and balancing that with your budget as well as ensuring you don't forget about the important structural changes you might want. So far, we feel comfortable with the choices we've made, fingers crossed we still feel this way at handover.
As mentioned in my previous post, we really loved the feel of the Waldorf Grange and decided that we would follow the same colour scheme for our build. The above picture was taken from the Porter Davis website and shows the Long Island Facade, which we are also upgrading too at a price tag of $12,500.

So external colours we chose were;
·         Render - Ashite 1/2 strength (Sample is full strength)

·         Portico Posts, Meter Box, Balcony, External Doors, External Architraves - Grey Pebble 1/4 strength (Sample is full strength)

·         Cladding - Grey Pebble 3/4 strength

·         Garage Door & Downpipes - Shale Grey

·         Windows - Pearl White Gloss

·         Fascia & Gutter - Colourbond Basalt

We were initially advised that the upgrade to the Long Island Facade didn't include Render to the front however, we have signed up with the 'Dare to Dream Promo' which states we get render to the front facade included so I am in the process of clarifying this with our BC otherwise we are looking at a further $5000 to upgrade.

In terms of Bricks, we have gone with Standard Homestead Buff but depending on the response to the facade render we may decide to upgrade to Hebel if it's more cost effective.

Roof Tiles have been upgraded to Cat 3 Traditional with Colour being Barramundi, a dark grey (almost black). Upgrade costs are listed as $2672 which will be confirmed at Tender.

As part of our promo package we received the two doors we liked included however had to pay $500 to upgrade the balcony door to match.

Doors will be painted Grey Pebble 1/4 strength (Apologies for the picture quality, this was the best I could get)

This is all the external options covered - I will update the blog soon (ish) with internal options and prices.

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