Monday, 8 August 2016

Site Start

I've been a little slack with updating the blog but thought I should give an update to let you know where we are at currently, so bear with me as I attempt to remember the past 5 months!!

We had our official site start on Monday 21st March 2016 and the concrete pour happened on 16th April.

I very quickly want to share that there are some coincidences around our home and in particular our address that holds special significance to me. I can't give specifics without announcing our whole address but will share what I can.

I was very close to my grandparents growing up until a few years ago when they passed away. When we purchased this block of land I quickly realised that the street name matched that of my grandmother's childhood circus she grew up in (I, being the believer that I am thought this was a sign that this block was meant to be).

As we drew up the paperwork and we were about to sign the contracts, rather than see the Lot No, we were given our new street number - which is obviously a normal thing to find out at some point. It was then that we found out our new street number was my grandfathers' special number - the number of the house he grew up in, the number of his football jumper and generally the number he used for everything - it was his lucky number.

I am sharing this because as I have written that the concrete pour happened on the 16th April, this date was also my daughter's 2nd birthday. Whether its just me finding the significance in all of these things combined or it really is just a freaky coincidence, I really feel like this was meant to be our family home.

Anyway, back to what the blog is really about - house build updates. Some photo's of the concrete - I must admit I find these early photo's particularly boring, I mean it really is just a patch of dirt with some concrete on top but for those wanting to follow along here they are;

Our independent inspector did find a few things that needed to be rectified and I must admit our SS has been really good about getting things fixed up asap without any complaints. I wont go into details about the report here but if anyone does want to get more of an idea let me know and I can tell you more. 

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